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DWI Attorney In Oklahoma City

Excellent DWI Lawyer In Oklahoma City, OK.

Why You Need A Great OKC DWI Attorney?

Different states have different terminology for the same crime.  DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) is one of the key distinctions between Oklahoma and surrounding states (primarily Texas).  In Texas if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or over you are most likely going to be charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Texas Penal Code § 49.01.  In Oklahoma, driving with the same blood alcohol content, absent other factors, will get you charged with Driving Under the Influence.  (Insert Link Here)

Oklahoma; however, also has a crime of Driving While Intoxicated.  A good way to think of DWI in Oklahoma is that is a less serious form of DUI.  That does not mean that this crime is not serious or that consequences do not flow from such a charge. Just as there is with DUI, there are both criminal penalties and drivers license penalties that can attach to a DWI.

The criminal punishment for DWI is found in 47 Okla. Stat. § 756.  A person can be found guilty of DWI if they are found driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of between .05 and .08. If you are found driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle with a BAC of above .08 you are likely going to be charged with DUI.  If convicted of DWI you can face a fine of up to $500, up to six months in the county jail or both such fine and imprisonment.  Additionally, as of the writing of this document you can a possible suspension of drivers license for up to 30 days for a first offense.

DWI Attorney In Oklahoma City, OK.
DWI Defense In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

DWI Attorney In Oklahoma City, OK

If you find yourself arrested for or charged with DWI, DUI, or any alcohol related driving offense it is important that you get an attorney quickly.  I have handled hundreds of alcohol related driving offenses throughout my years in practice and stand ready to help.